Before we get started here NEW SINGLE & album project comin' from THA BISHOP in 2018! I got you! Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

What up my Husky family? Check it, more Husky Records LLC productions are on the way so stay turned. YES!! The Husky Live Event will return (date to be announced) along with the show being broadcasted LIVE!! More exposure for our featured independent performers & for those individuals being interviewed.

No worries tho, we have over 70 Husky Live Event episodes for you to binge watch. LOL. Yeah!! At the top of the page in the menu selections click on "The Husky Live Event Episodes" & enjoy some of the nicest independent artists doin' their own thang LIVE on stage! Hip-Hop, R&B, & Spoken Word dominate here. So you wanna see & hear some DOPE performers? Yeah. Alright, I got you. Click the link & enjoy.

In 2018 HUSKY RECORDS & THA BISHOP, WE Gone Give You Dis Wurk! CHUCH.

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Artist: Tha Bishop - Song Title: Summertime Flow
The HUSKY LIVE Networking & Showcase Event @ CHUCK'S ALIBI Promotional Video
The Husky Show Promotional Video
Description: THE HUSKY SHOW is coming to this SEPTEMBER 2016.
Every episode will be filmed so you'll be able to view the entire show as well.
The Husky Show Promotional Video was produced by the man with the vision, ContorVision. You need great graphics for your project? Contact Glen @ Yeah...He's Husky too.
Carz, Jewelery & Cake (Edited version) - Tha Bishop
Description: Media Boss Skitz is CEO of Media Kings Productions. To contact him about shooting your video email him at
I Give Her All My Love (Hip-Hop) - Tha Bishop
Description: You can also view his work at Contact info.
Get Your Head Right - Ricky Santiaga
BEEF -Tha Bishop feat. Live J5
Live J5 - On Husky Records
Description: If you hip-hop, just press play. He murdered this JL-Beatz track. Shitz FIYA because dude got LYRICZ!
Clever 1's Radio Interview
Hold The Mic Down Promotional Video
Description: ContorVision does it again!
Husky Records needed a promotional spot made for HOLD THE MIC DOWN the song. Which is available right here at Husky Records for .99 cents download. This how you help grow small business like Husky Records.

Tha Bishop feat. Phaze Seven & Daz Jones. Support indie music, support Husky Records & make your purchase today. Thank you for supporting.

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WE Husky Babe!
Tone Love (from the Tuff Crew) Interview
I Give Her All My Love (Hip-Hop)
Husky Records & Toolshack Records BUILDING!
Latest News
Dec 14, 2017
Tha Bishop promises that this album project will be a departure from the mainstream norm, especially LYRICALLY. This hop-hop album is for those of us who are AWAKE. CONSCIOUSLY! Album release summer/2018 only on Husky Records.
WE Husky Babe!