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Husky Records is proud to present THA BISHOP with his single release entitled THE UNIVERSAL CODE.
You can view The Universal Code video here top of this page in the menu selections choose LINKZ.
You can also purchase 'The Universal Code' mp3 download here as well in the menu selections at the top of page as well.
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The Universal Code (video) - Tha Bishop

Husky Records proudly presents Tha Bishop & this is The Universal Code. Thank you for viewing & enjoy.

Tha Bishop EPK

Tha Bishop's Electronic Press Kit for you industry professionals.

Tha Bishop is in I AM HIP-HOP MAGAZINE

Checkout the write up about Tha Bishop & The Universal Code.


Here you can view all THE HUSKY SHOW episodes.
Over 70 episodes to choose from.
You choose the episode or episodes for your maximum HUSKY SHOW viewing experience. it's TRUE...WE Husky Babe!

Nickels Knights Entertainment Music Group

And the building in Philly continues. Check out my mans LOU NICKELS. Big thingz R POPPIN'!

Tha Bishop Videos on You Tube

All Husky Records artist videos are posted here at our You Tube Channel. Always check here.

MJs Hip-Hop Connex

Artist management, blogger, & booking agent


The home of the HOTTEST INDEPENDENT MUSIC VIDEOS & Philly #1 video company. You MUST have management for VipeTV to shot your video. You can find more information at the VIPE site.

The HUSKY LIVE Event (Aul Purpis iz on deck)

It was a pleasure finally meeting this good brotha & true emcee. Excellent interview & SUPA DOPE HIP-HOP PERFORMANCE. Check him out & support his movement.

The HUSKY LIVE Event (The Interviews)

Stevie Franks, Nina Capone, & Montana Blak are featured in this episode.

Husky Records Recording Artist Videos

AllHusky Records recording artist videos are contained here.Check out a video right now. Just click the link.

THE HUSKY SHOW airs here EVERY Thursday 8pm-10pm

Tune in EVERY WEEK for your dose of Hip-Hop with your host Tha Bishop with his Co-Host Syymphony. Sloppy Copies will present their featured segment THE VISUALS & we got DJ Big Tyme on the 1's & 2's. Every week The Husky Show has featured up & coming guest & a lot of hip-hop information & fun. So join us EVERY THURSDAY right here exclusively on StreetLinkRadio.com.
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THE HUSKY SHOW episodes on Facebook

For my facebook friends THE HUSKY SHOW is on the book too. Come holla & like our page. check us out.

THE HUSKY SHOW Episode #1The Legendary Cornbread is our guest

This is the very first episode of THE HUSKY SHOW with your host Tha Bishop, Co-Host Syymphony & DJ Killa Kal. Legendary graffiti writer credited with being the first to do it, Cornbread.

Tuff Crew member TONE LOVE aka TL the Teacher is our guest.

Check out my manz, Tone Love from The Tuff Crew. He gave an excellent interview & spoke about the formation of the Tuff Crew & his journey with hip-hop. Click the link & check him out.

Carz, Jewelry, and Cake (Husky Records Official release)

Tha Bishop just comes right out with it! Most of these rapperz don't have it. Ghetto rich at best. Stop lyin' to your fans on these records because you ain't got no CARZ, NO JEWELRY, AND NO CAKE!

Video shoot, directed, and edited by Media Boss Skitz. Yesh, he's Husky too!

Artist: Tha Bishop - Video Title: Give Her All My Love (Hip-Hop)

Tha Bishop delivers with this one. Hip-Hop junkies make sure you checkout this video.


This radio station is the brainchild of our Husky Records V.P. Parry P. They play the hottest songs and got the best D.J.'s. Tune in for a good time.


Tha Bishop - Radio interview

Tha Bishop speaks his mind about the state of hip-hop and other various related music issues. Sone statements are considered controversial but truthful. Check it out. 2016 iz Tha Bishop's year. Stay tuned and ride wit us.

WE Husky Baby!

Artist: Tha Bishop - DEEP DOWN IN MY FLESH (the official video)

Husky Records recording artist Tha Bishop in 'DEEP DOWN IN MY FLESH'. From his forthcoming album 'The Third Eye Vision Project'. Enjoy!

Tha Bishop - 'The Recital video*

Finally the champ is here. The champ of real hip-hop lyrics & the CEO of Husky Records,LLC. Ladies & Hip-Hop Junkies we got em, Tha Bishop. Click on The Recital video & enjoy some REAL Hip-Hop! We are HUSKY RECORDS!

Tha Bishop - THE TRUTH video

Husky Records recording artist Tha Bishop brings you 'The TRUTH'! Real hip-hop LYRICS on deck from a REAL Hip-Hop artist. He's far from a rapper, this is HIP-HOP!

Tha Bishop Performing LIVE! - Deep Down In My Flesh

Tha Bishop, performing LIVE at a Coast to Coast event in Philly, at The Arts Garage. Here's 'Deep Down In My Flesh'. LIVE! We HUSKY baby! Enjoy!

Tha Bishop - Song Title: MONEY

If you have a REAL friend or friends who you've known for years who have became your family not your relative, but your FAMILY. Then you'll fully overstand me when I say that life ain't just about MONEY!

Artist: Tha Bishop feat. Black Rose
Song Title: Money
Produced by: JL-BEATZ

Husky Records presents TONE LOVE from The Tuff Crew

Great interview here. Tone Love speaks on a variety of topics including his musical transition and lyrical content. Check it out. It's good viewing. WE Husky Baby!

CLEVER 1- 'CleverNess' the Video on Husky Records

This is CLEVER 1 with his street banger called 'CleverNess.' Enjoy

Graff World Order

Checkout this Graff World Muralists video. Graffiti art at it's finest. Gregory F Robinson, Sr. CEO of Graff Magazine is really holdin' the art form down. Salute Mighty Warrior! Check the vid. The visuals aR CRAZY!

Tha Bishop's interview after performing LIVE @ The Arts Garage

Checkout Tha Bishop's interview after performing LIVE @ The Arts Garage. Enjoy.

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Husky Records - Official You Tube Channel

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