What up my Husky family? Check it, more Husky Records LLC productions are on the way so stay turned. YES!! The Husky Live Event will return (date to be announced) along with the show being broadcasted LIVE!! More exposure for our featured independent performers & for those individuals being interviewed.

No worries tho, we have over 70 Husky Live Event episodes for you to binge watch. LOL. Yeah!! At the top of the page in the menu selections click on "The Husky Live Event Episodes" & enjoy some of the nicest independent artists doin' their own thang LIVE on stage! Hip-Hop, R&B, & Spoken Word dominate here. So you wanna see & hear some DOPE performers? Yeah. Alright, I got you. Click the link & enjoy.

Husky Records LLC the label also has 2 artists projects that are being produced & funded by the label.

In conclusion, if you want tight projects. Planning, funding, & execution is essential for any successful endeavor.
In other words...You Gone Get Dis Wurk!
Watch Me WURK!

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Nov 5, 2017
Husky Records is an independent recording label & production company. In other words we have NO PUPPET MASTERS. We are free to produce music & content without borders or agendas that we are opposed to simply to receive funding.
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