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I told you it was comin'...GO GRAB DAT HOT HIP-HOP SINGLE!!!
What single!?!? HOLD THE MIC DOWN & it's exclusively at Husky Records.

HOLD THE MIC DOWN iz a problem!
Tha Bishop feat. Phaze Seven & Daz Jones.
Produced & mixed by: Funkovski.
Real hip-hop listeners will LOVE this one + it's ORIGINAL HIP-HOP!

Tell a friend because HOLD THE MIC DOWN is purposely unavailable in iTunes, Google Play & anywhere else expect Husky Records because I'm building my own brand. Please support that.

Purchase your high resolution mastered MP3 of HOLD THE MIC DOWN right here exclusively at Husky Records. You can listen for free &/or purchase Hold The Mic Down for a whole .99 cents LOL.

Artist: Tha Bishop - Song Title: Album Intro.
Hold The Mic Down - Tha Bishop featuring Phaze Seven & Daz Jones
Tha Bishop - Song: I Give Her All Love (Hip-Hop) MixTape Version