THE HUSKY SHOW airs EVERY THURSDSAY on STREETLINKRADIO.COM from 8pm-10pm. The Husky Show will also be filmed by Tha Bishop & Sloppy Copies Productions. All post production and graphics for our visual content for THE HUSKY SHOW will be produced by ContorVision Media Services so you'll be able to view every episode. (

You can currently view THE HUSKY SHOW at
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Tune in every week to hear your host Tha Bishop with his Co-Host Syymphony & DJ Big Tyme on the 1's & 2's along with none other than SLOPPY COPIES own King Honz & Chicken Wing. They present you with THE VISUALS on THE HUSKY SHOW. This is YOUR formal invitation so tune in.

Checkout Tha Bishop's album while your here "THE CREAMATION OF CARE"